What we propose to do:

We will slowly implement the following into our organisations list of things to do in the Pacific. Some have already been started and others are on its way to being implemented and while some will be implemented on us acquiring thememories funding before we start the process. The webpage will be updated as soon as information is made available to us, to share them with you:

  • Approximately twice every year, we will treat the children in the orphanages, staff (on our working list) plus the Senior Homes to a nice takeaway/cooked meal of their choice
  • Provide the above with bulk toiletries.
  • Provide stationery and school needs to the children on our list
  • Provide educational benefits (IT/internet based) to schools who have wi-fi access
  • Provide education materials (books, stationery supplies, etc) to schools out in rural areas
  • Provide a way and means to allow children to continue attending school as long as possible in the rural parts of Fiji
  • For kids walking very long distance to get to school, providing them with a bicycle to make things easier
  • Provide communities with income generating program, so they learn to be self sufficient. These include: chicken farms, piggeries, canteens, tailoring businesses, veggie gardens, bee farming, etc.
  • If the families/needs don’t fit into standard tailor-made income generating programs, then we would look outside the box to accommodate, genuine talent. "Why give a man a fish, and feed him for a day, instead show him how to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime?"
  • Installing wells in the rural parts of Fiji for the whole village to access readily available water.
  • Organise free clinics to give rural people free access to health checks and basic health access
  • In times of natural disaster in any Pacific Nation, joining forces with the in-house/country charity (e.g Red Cross/ Salvation Army etc) to provide relief funding to the inhabitants
  • We have 3 people working on the ground to assess, the rural families on welfare waiting list, currently. We will recruit more volunteers in different areas in Fiji. Our volunteers will provide us with the pricing of nterventions, and once we receive these quotes we will do a re-costing to see if costs may be minimised. We pay the suppliers directly from our Australian Bank accounts, and money is not given directly to the recipients. Our volunteers maybe be reimbursed, but only if the expenses were pre-approved prior to incurring them.

How Much will the recepients receive:

  • 100% of all donations received online, less any paypal or credit card charges will be forward to assisting the Pacific people with all the benefits in accordance with our Constitution.
  • A few times every year, Care 4 Pacific will organise dinner/entertainment night plus other fundraising events, to help assist with expenses for special projects and help with the expenses of their on-ground volunteers, licence renewals and auditing of the NFP.
  • Individuals are invited to team up and do their own small scale fundraiser, and are welcome to use , , or , with all of whom, we are already registered. The funds raised, will be treated as online donations and 100% of it, will be forwarded to the recipients of the Pacific Islands (mainly Fiji) less paypal and credit card charges, in the form of any one of the above projects. However, before starting any fundraisers on our behalf, please contact us so we can verify your details and give you the authority/approval letter, stationery and fundraiser kit to get started, and register with one of the 4 groups to easily collect funds and do your bit. You are welcome to use any other online system available to fundraise if you do not want to use one of the 4 that we are registered with. We are thanking you in advance for your involvement, in partnering with us to help achieve our mission.


CFN/23961 - Charitable Fundraising Act 1991

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Care4Pacific Ltd is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission

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